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  • 5.50
    Kokadi has developed a special chest belt for the TaiTai to prevent the straps slipping down the shoulder when baby is on the back. First sit your baby in the…
  • 6.50 3.99
    Leg warmers are ideal for using with slings. They are incredibly versatile, and even work as arm warmers! They are approx 30cm in length, although it can be vary by…
    6.50 3.99
  • 9.99 5.00
    Multi-Mam Breastfeeding Balm is an unique product for breastfeeding mothers. Multi-Mam Balm is based on a selection of vegetable oils. The mode of action is to protect the nipple area…
    9.99 5.00
  • 13.99 7.99
    Beautiful and practical reversible organic bonnet in with print on one side and stripes on the reverse. Made with 100% organic cotton. Designed to cover baby's ears and keep them…
    13.99 7.99
  • 8.00 5.00
    Large aluminum sling rings. Ideal for use when making your own ring sling. Inner diameter 3". Outer diameter 3.5". If you are making a double layer sling, turning a baby…
    8.00 5.00