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Website Questions

How do I contact you?

You can email us at

Or you can call us  086-178-8145

On our contact page you will also find a contact form.

Where are you located?

We’re located in Carrickmines, Dublin 18. Please contact us for directions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards on our website. We also accept cash payments when buying a sling at an appointment.

How Can I Order?

Website shop or while at an appointment.


How much does shipping cost?

Delivery within Ireland and UK is €5.50 flat rate. Free delivery on orders over €150 within Ireland.

How is my shipment sent?

We ship all of our sling registered so we can track them to their destination.

I didn't receive my order, what do I do?

If you haven’t received your order please contact us via email at

Can I collect my order in person?

In-store collection is possible just click ‘collect in-store’ at the checkout. You will need to contact us to arrange a day and time for collection.

Something is wrong with my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible at Once something has shipped, we can no longer make changes to your order.


How do I return an order?

Please contact us by phone or email,, if you are thinking of returning a product.

All returns must be sent using registered/insured post and all postage is non refundable.

Do you have a different size/model?

We only have the sizes and models listed on the product page in stock. We unfortunately only carry limited sizes in stock.

How do I cancel an order?

Write us as soon as possible at Once something has shipped, we can no longer cancel the order.

The item is faulty?

If an item is faulty when you receive it please contact us immediately to get further instructions.

Slings F.A.Q’s

What are the safety guidelines for babywearing?

TICKS guidelines are the most commonly used babywearing guidelines.

Will using a sling make my baby clingy?

Human infants are born as clinging young. They are born to cling to their caregiver for their basic needs, nutrition, warmth, safety. By fulfilling those needs we are giving our baby their most basic needs which helps them feel more secure.

Will my baby be able to breath properly?

By using the correct positioning you will be able to ensure your baby has a clear airway. The TICKS rules are the most basic safety rules for using a sling. Be sure you can see your baby’s face at all times and that there is a 2 finger width gap between baby’s chin and chest to ensure their airway is free.

Why do the slings cost as much as they do?

The slings we carry are all wide based, ergonomic slings that have been safety tested to very high industry standards. By investing into this testing and constant product development, you can be sure the sling you are buying is of the highest quality.

How do you deal with seasonal weather changes while babywearing?

You should always dress your baby appropriately for the weather you are experiencing. You can dress your baby in easy to add and remove layers so if the weather changes you can add or remove layers. Be sure to cover your baby’s head, arms and legs to protect from the sun or cold.

How do you bring your baby items with you?

You can use most changing bags with your sling. We usually use a backpack when front carrying to keep the bag weight even on your back. When back carrying your child you can use a cross body or waist bag for your personal items.

What age can you wear your baby from?

You can babywear from birth through to toddlerhood. There are many different methods of babywearing so you can find a method that suits you and your baby for every stage of your babywearing journey.

How long can I carry my baby during the day?

There are no time limits with carrying, unlike so many other forms of transporting your infant. As long as you are carrying safely and you are comfortable you can carry for as long as you wish.

Can babywearing help for issues like colic, reflux, hip dysplacia?

Wearing your baby in an upright position can often help with thing like reflux, colic and many other digestive issues. Holding your baby upright, especially after feeding, so that all of the digestive fluids stay down in your baby’s gut, limit the amount of acid coming back up. Also a lot of baby’s fussiness can be calmed by just holding them close. Babies thrive through contact so by just placing them in a sling, you can help them feel safe, secure, and loved and therefore calm and happy.

Babies with hip dysplacia can benefit greatly from being worn in a sling. Not only does a wide base ergonomic sling help keep baby in a healthy hip position, it can help when parents are stuggling to handle their baby in a hip harness. Always discuss any choices you make with your baby health care provider.

Breastfeeding in the sling?

It is fully possible to breastfeed in any sling you just need to figure out a safe method to do so. You need to make sure that your baby is still fully supported and remember that feeding in a sling is not completely hands free. You may still need to support your baby’s head and help them to latch on. Keep in mind that both breastfeeding and wearing are skills in themselves so make sure you are doing both well so as not to create a bad latch and cause damage to your breasts. Always stay in tune with your nursing baby and check their airways often. When feeding is finished, move baby back to their normal carrying position.