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The story of our journey into babywearing

My first experience with baby wearing was in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania while on a volunteer trip. We were having Swahili lessons with two wonderful Tanzanian women when our conversation turned to babies. I asked them how they used a simple piece of cloth to hold their baby so securely to them and they graciously showed me how to do it with my small backpack subbing for an actual baby. That conversation stuck with me and shaped how I would view wearing my babies.

My husband and I have been babywearing since our first child was born in 2007. We were given a stretchy wrap as a baby gift. It took us a few attempts to get used to using the wrap but once we mastered it we used it all the time. We brought her everywhere in her wrap, we even brought her to a concert in the park when she was about 4 months old!

Then when our daughter got a bigger we had a metal freamed rucksack style carrier. We noticed that she would only tolerate being in the rucksack carrier for a short amount of time and it put a lot of pressure on my back when I was carrying her. Unfortunately that is where our baby wearing with our daughter ended. At that time I had no idea how many other more comfortable slings were out there.

In 2011, I gave birth to our son and again we started with our trusty stretchy wrap. This time when he started to out grown the stretchy wrap I started doing a bit of research online and I dove head first into the modern baby wearing world. I found out all about the many kinds of slings and wraps that were available and started using a mei tai style sling with my son.

As those of you with more than one child know, life goes on, even with a new baby you still have another child to attend to and having a sling is invaluable. With our son in the sling I could attend to both of the children at the same time therefore allivating some of that new baby stress. When our daughter started school we used our sling for the baby every morning to walk her in and then to collect her in the afternoon.

Our son is now 4.5 years old and we still use his ‘cosy’. We use it when we go grocery shopping, when we are out for walks with the dog and when his little legs get tired and when we are travelling. When he started playschool last year he would often get home and ask to go in his carrier on my back, it was his way of reconnecting after a day of learning new thing and having new experiences.

Over the past few years I have done a number of babywearing courses and attended many seminars to enhance my knowledge base and give me the skills to teach babywearing safely and effectively to other parents. We offer 1-2-1 consultations and workshops in our shop. We also have a full range of slings and carriers available through our website.

When you book in for a 1-2-1 consultation you get a full hour or more of time to learn how to safely and confidently use a sling or carrier with your baby. I will show you how to put on your sling of choice, get your baby in and out of the sling and how to make all the necessary adjustments so you are happy and comfortable.

It gives me great joy to pass on the knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years to new parents and to see them finding the benefits of babywearing for their families. I hope that I can help you find the best sling for you and your baby so that you can experience the closeness and love that comes with baby wearing.

– Kim McPartling

Mom, Babywearer, Entrepreneur.