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The Wear Conference

Good Moring!

I am off to the WEAR conference in Chicago this morning! I am so excited to learn some new skills and teaching techniques that I can bring back here to our Irish families. I will be attending sessions on the following subjects;

Finding the Perfect Soft Structured Carrier

More Than Just Convenience: The Science Behind Infant Carrying

Wrapping 101 with the Moby Wrap & Tekhni Wovens,

Benefits of Babywearing for Children and Caregivers,

Babywearing Saves Lives: Kangaroo Care, Tandem Babywearing Basics,

Benefits of Babywearing for Non-Gestational Parents

Teaching Back Wrapping,

Babywearing and Fathers: What It Will Do For Your Child, Your Marriage, and Society,

Babywearing and Infant Development,

Therapy with Infants: Treating a Traumatized Child,

Fitting Carriers: Petite Babywearing Edition,

Using Babywearing to Support Breastfeeding Goals

Advanced Ring Sling Techniques,

How Babywearing Can Help Children and Caregivers on the Autism Spectrum,

Fitting Carriers: Plus Size Edition,

If you would like to know more about what I have learned at the conference just send me an email to and I would be happy to share what I have learned. I am hoping that this new/reinforced knowledge will lead to a better service for our customers and help us achieve our goals in spreading the babywearing love far and wide.

Happy Babywearing!

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