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Tula Free to Grow Carrier

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As you welcome your baby to the world, the Free-to-Grow Carrier seamlessly adjusts and lets you hold them close from the very beginning. Our first collection celebrates the precious moments of childhood. So simple, yet distinctly precious.


  • Body panel adjust in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position as your baby grows supporting safe development for baby’s body
  • Adjustable padded straps for optimal neck & shoulder comfort
  • Breathable and lightweight twill hand-made from 100% OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabric
  • Multiple carrier positions – back carry and front carry
  • Soft leg padding to keep baby comfortable
  • Free-to-Grow baby carriers can be used from 3,2 – 20,4 kg
  • Coordinating printed twill base and removable printed hood with snaps
  • Large front pocket on the contouring hip belt

    • Depending on the snap setting, the seat panel width is adjustable from 13 cm – 38 cm
    • Depending on the panel height adjusters, the height of the panel is adjustable from 28 cm – 43 cm tall
    • Hip Belt Measures 13 cm tall and 69 cm wide. Additional webbing extends approximately 76 cm (waistband total of ~ 145 cm long)
    • Weight of the carrier: 0,8 kg

‘Blossom’ symbolises the quickly growing and delicate beauty of a tiny baby. Bouquets of soft pink flowers are displayed amongst sprinkled dots on a navy background covering the entire front of the carrier and detachable hood. The inside lining is solid navy blue.

‘Discover’ is inspired by the early awestruck moments your little one has when they learn new and exciting things. Grey clusters of stars cascade across a jet black background covering the entire carrier.

‘Play’ celebrates how babies express joy and happiness giving us their first laugh. A repeating design of tiny white hearts flutter across a vibrant yellow background covering the entire carrier detachable hood.

‘Wonder’ pays homage to the boundless curiosity that leads to all of the cherished moments of childhood. Abstract spots fill a lavender grey background covering the front of the carrier and the detachable hood. The inside lining is grey.


Our fully adjustable, ergonomic Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier has variable width and height settings to customize its fit to your growing baby. This innovative, no fuss design does not require an infant insert and can be used beginning at 3,2 kg.


The bottom of the carrier’s panel, which is where your baby will sit, has three adjustable settings. Each setting can be secured using the durable snaps found along the inside waist belt of the carrier.

panel sizes
NARROW: The narrowest setting can be used for newborns and babies, with a minimum weight of 3,2 kg.
MIDDLE: The middle setting can be used with babies 3-9 months of age.
WIDE: The widest setting is suitable for taller babies 9 months and older.

*Correct positioning:
The width of the panel should be determined by the individual baby’s comfort and leg span. The ergonomically correct position for baby is to be positioned with the base of the carrier supporting them from knee to knee, with their knees slightly higher than their bottom in an “M” shaped position.

When choosing which seat width to use with your baby, choose the width that supports their legs in an “M” shaped position with their legs supported to the crease of the knee. If the edge of the panel rests on the baby’s calves, rather than under the bend in their knees, then the width you have chosen is too wide. Always ensure proper placement of baby in the carrier including leg placement.

correct m position


  1. Start by adjusting the base of the carrier to the width appropriate for the baby’s size.
  2. Secure the front of the panel by snapping the male snaps into the female snaps located on the inside of the waist belt padding.

SETTING 1 – The Narrowest Setting: Secure snap A to snap 1.
SETTING 2 – The Middle Setting: Secure snap A to snap 2, and secure snap B to snap 1.
SETTING 3 – The Widest Setting: Secure snap A to snap 3, snap B to snap 2, snap C to snap 1.

base adjusters


short paneltall panel

  1. By cinching the webbing at the top of the panel down all the way, the panel can be adjusted to its shortest position, suitable for newborns and small babies.
  2. By releasing the webbing completely, the panel can be adjusted to its tallest position, suitable for larger babies and toddlers.
  3. Correct positioning: When determining which panel height to use with your baby, choose a height that allows the baby’s face to be visible over the top edge of the panel.

correct panel height


  1. Position the waist belt around you with the labels facing inward, towards your body.
  2. Start with the waist belt around your natural waist, adjusting up or down slightly to your comfort.
  3. Feed the male buckle under the elastic strap and into the female buckle until you hear an audible click.
  4. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable webbing until it lays flat against your body, with no gaps or looseness.


  1. Position the waist belt so that the panel is centered on the front of your body.
  2. Hold the baby so that they are positioned on your body with their legs in an “M” shaped position.
  3. Use one hand to support the baby while using the other hand to smooth the panel up the baby’s back.
  4. While supporting the child with one arm, slip the other arm into the strap.
  5. Switch hands and slip the other arm into the other strap, making sure to keep one hand supporting baby until both straps are securely over your shoulders.
  6. Buckle the should strap connector by reaching behind your neck and clipping the buckle shut. Adjust to your comfort by tightening or loosening the should strap connector webbing.
  7. Smooth the shoulder straps one at a time toward your back and adjust each side by pulling forward on the adjustable straps under the arms for a snug fit. Continue to adjust until both you and your baby are comfortable. The panel should fit snugly around your baby, supporting their torso.
  8. Ensure that the baby’s bottom is seated deeply in the panel just above the waist belt by gently pushing up on the baby’s calves. Baby should be seated in the “M” shaped position.


  1. To take the baby off, start by loosening the straps under the arms. Do not unclip the waistbelt until your baby in removed from the carrier.
  2. Life up on shoulder strap to bring the shoulder strap connector up towards the back of your neck.
  3. Unclip the shoulder strap connector with one hand while securing baby with the other hand.
  4. Remove the shoulder straps one at a time while always keeping one hand on the baby.


Only use the back carry position when baby has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, who are able to sit unaided. The back carry can be used in either panel height and the middle or widest seat setting. This carrier is not intended for use in a back carry in the narrowest seat setting. Please have someone assist you until you feel comfortable putting your child in this position on your own.

WARNING: Do not use this position for babies without full neck, head, and torso control.

  1. Position the waist belt so that the panel is centered on the back of your body.
  2. Slip one of the straps over one arm.
  3. Place your child on the opposite hip.
  4. Use the arm that is free from the strap to rotate your child from the hip position into the carrier while using the arm in the strap to secure your child. Lean forward slightly so the child’s weight is resting on your back as your position them.
  5. Smooth the panel up the child’s back and slip your free arm through the second strap as though putting on a backpack strap, maintaining a slight forward lean.
  6. Clip the should strap connectors together in front of your chest and adjust to your comfort.
  7. Ensure that the child’s bottom is seated deeply in the panel just about the waist belt by standing up straight and pulling upwards by the shoulder straps while gently bouncing the child into the carrier to move the top of the panel higher up on the child’s back.
  8. Adjust the carrier so that your child is comfortable and close to your body by pulling back on the adjustable straps under your arm for a snug fit around the leg openings and supporting the child’s torso.
  9. Gently push up on your child’s calves so that the legs remain in the “M” position.


  1. To take the baby off, start by leaning forward slightly and loosening the straps under the arms. Unclip the shoulder strap connector with one hand while securing baby with other hand.
  2. Remove the shoulder straps one at a time while always keeping one hand on the baby. Slide the baby around from your back to your hip.



  1. Each Tula Free-to-Grow carrier comes with a detachable hood. Attach it to the carrier by fastening the bottom of the hood to the snaps on the inside top of the carrier panel. To secure it in an “up” position, snap hood straps to the snap on the top of the shoulder straps.
  2. The hood’s primary use is for supporting the head of an older baby if they fall asleep in a back carry. Please exercise caution while using the hood with smaller babies.
  3. If you choose to use the hood to shield the sun from a smaller infant in a front carry, or to provide discretion while feeding, please attached the hood on only one side, leaving the other side down so that the baby’s face remains visible. Please ensure that the hood is not completely covering baby’s face to ensure that there is enough opening or air to pass through. Always check on your baby regularly.

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