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Oscha Ring Sling


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Ring slings are elegant and are often used for special occasions such as Christenings and weddings. They are quick to use, especially handy for short trips from the car to shop, or for a child that wants up and down a lot. They are also light and pack up small.

The Gathered Ring Sling Shoulder has been widely used by babywearers for quite some time now and is a tried and tested favourite. This shoulder style is relatively unstructured as the fabric is gathered directly through the rings with no folds, this allows you to spread and move the fabric very easily and is ideal for those who like to cap the fabric over their shoulder.

Oscha ring slings can also be worn on either shoulder. There are some directional patterns, which means they will hang upside down if worn on the opposite side.

We include an instruction brochure with each sling, please take time to study this and practice as ring slings are extremely comfy and easy to use but it can take a little time and some adjustment to hit the sweet spot!

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