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Lenny Lamb Woven Wrap

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We are now stocking a small selection of the Lenny Lamb Woven Wrap range. We are happy to order in wraps as requested as it is impossible for us to keep all of their pattern/colour choices in stock, so if you don’t see what you want please email us and let us know so we can order it for you.

Lenny Lamb Woven Wrap are amazing woven wraps. Perfect for quick ups or long walks as they distribute weight very well and are quick to use. One of the big advantages of using wraps is the fact that there is no age or weight limitations. You can use woven wraps from newborn to toddler with just a few minor adjustments to the way you wrap. You can start wearing your baby from day one and continue until your child lets you know that they no longer wish to be carried.

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There are many carries you can do with a woven wrap. You can try: tummy-to tummy, cradle, hip and back carries. It all depends on the baby’s and wearers needs in the particular moment.


Your choice of wrap size will depend on a babywearer, not on a baby.

You have to remember that some carries will use more and some less wrap fabric. A size 6 wrap is a common size for wearers to start with as it gives enough wrap to do most carriers. The better you get at wrapping (or if you are particularly slim) the less wrap you need so a size 5 would then be a good base size.

There are five wrap sizes to chose from:

Size 4 – (length 3.6 m, width 0.7 m)

Size 5 – (length 4.2 m, width 0.7 m)

Size 6 – (length 4.6 m, width 0.7 m)

Size 7 – (length 5.2 m, width 0.7 m)

Size 8 – (length 6.0 m, width 0.7 m)

**Grade B products have some aesthetic defect – double, broken thread, pills or other. None of them affects safety. They are as safe as 1st grade products. These products cannot be subject to complaint

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Pistachio Lace size 6, Sunrise Rainbow Size 5, Sea adventure Dark (**grade B) size 5, Norwegian Diamond size 6, Red and Grey Stars size 5


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