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Kokadi Ring Sling


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kokadi wrap ring sling Diorite Stars – 100% organic cotton

kokadi ring sling – Diorite Stars

Black and white Stars is our perfect eclectic pattern: from elegant to sporty and trendy, this wrap has it all. It’s an all-rounder for you and your baby. The stars are woven in using our proven jacquard weaving style.
This woven wrap is wonderfully fluffy and adapts to your back and baby’s with diagonal movement.


material: 100 % organic cotton

colors: black / white

size: approx. 1.75m to the short side.

weaving: Jacquard weaving

kokadi Ringsling – Mareike in Wonderland

kokadi Ringsling – Mareike in Wonderland

This beautiful combination of intensive lilac and shimmering pink is inspired by bouquets of summer flowers. Our kokadi Mareike in Wonderland suits you every day and let you and your baby shine even more.
Our woven wrap has a medium-weight and is easy to handle for newborns and toddlers. Our special kokadi Allure weaving is the reason for the perfect shimmer.
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Color: lilac/pink
Grammage: ca. 260 g/m

kokadi Ringsling – Tosbik Illusion 100% organic cotton

kokadi Ringsling – Tosbik Illusion

Material: 100% organic cotton
Colors: royal blue, white
Grammage: 170 g/m2
Weave: Jacquard

The kokadi Tosbik illusion is finally not an illusion anymore.
Such a delicate, light wrap from kokadi, with a beautiful design, is finally available to all!
It’s very light surface weight, this wrap is ideal for binder beginners: it is small in the hand, can be tightened and is very cuddly.

For newborns, this airy wrap is just so thick that it can breathe the wonderful smell of the mother.
Kokadi Tosbik Illusion is not only therefore because of the small price it’s a perfect beginner wrap!

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Diorite stars, Tosbik Illusion, Mareike im Wunderland


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