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Hoppediz Fleece Car Seat Blanket

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The soft HOPPEDIZ® tuck-in/car/baby blanket is a MUST when you are out with your baby.

You no longer need to dress your baby fully for short distances – you can simply wrap him/her up comfortably in the blanket. Thanks to the practical strap slots, you can strap your baby safely and easily in the car seat in the fleece blanket. Much safer than wearing a coat in the car seat as the straps are able to fit close to baby and be correctly positioned.

Your baby will feel very much at home in and on the HOPPEDIZ® fleece blanket because it is extremely soft and cosy.

Even after bathing, as an additional base in the pram or in the car, the cosy tuck-in blanket will keep your little ones nice and warm.

Thanks to the anti-pilling finishing both inside and outside, and the double-layered design, the fleece blanket is still a cuddly paradise, even after it has been washed and used intensively.

Special features of the HOPPEDIZ® fleece tuck-in blanket:

Suitable for child safety seats being equipped with a three-point or five-point system.
The integrated drawstring quickly turns the upper corner of the blanket into a hood.
Does not build up static charges
Anti-pilling finish both inside and outside

Soft polar fleece (two layers), 100% polyester, tested for harmful substances

washable up to 40°C

approx. 80 cm x 80 cm

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